Please specify as much as the following information as possible.

Select the gas service from the list below. For mixed gases, CONCOA recommends choosing the most corrosive gas for compatibility, regardless of the concentration.

Select the purity of the gas from the list below. Purity grades are expressed as the number of nines used to describe the purity of the gas. For example, grade 4.5 gas is considered to be 99.995% pure.

Select the basic use for the regulator. A dual stage cylinder regulator achieves accurate pressure control through two stages of pressure reduction. A single stage cylinder regulator may be used either for gases with very low cylinder pressures or in applications where final pressure control will be regulated downstream of the cylinder regulator. A line or point-of-use regulator is used at the point of application to control the final pressure of a gas whose primary pressure has been controlled at its source.

Select a special application or configuration for the regulator. The list below is only a sample of our most popular special regulators. Please contact CONCOA if you cannot find your special application.